Inner Voice

This piece is titled Inner Voice…the’s not me who is writing..but deep something within me, my head, my heart, my mind propels me to convey this to an unknown person or people out there, who might be waiting to receive such a message from an unknown entity…I have no idea what I would be writing..neither do I know how I started writing..maybe some elements of nature interacted with the matter that I’m made of… Funny and incredulous as it sounds, this is what I’m led to believe these days. It wasn’t long ago that the very idea of a God or a cReator created ripples of laughter and amusement in my hollow mind… it may still be hollow!! Or a Hologram.

I still haven’t figured out how people make sense of the world they live in…Like all species we love looking for easy explanations that would make us lie back in the womb comfortably. Wasnt classical physics all about this?? It still is.

But somehow people have begun realizing (and I still dont know what percentage of them) that the myths that could afford explanations and help derive meaning in life, are no longer enough.. they are completely invalidated.. New explanations are beginning to crop up to help us explain our meaning and purpose in life. “Life” a cliche! And now we call it quantum mechanics. I dont claim to have understood it either.

But it is not a term or a myth to be understood, but felt… So after all these years of learning and scientific analysis, we know that there is nothing scientific about anything, rather its metaphysical! And nobody knows why and how the pyramids were built!! Theories and theories… running pages and pages long..

Suddenly it becomes very difficult to lie back and think about these changing realities. Human beings are an amazing species. They have been granted with the wonderful defense mechanisms that take them through life comfortably. I wonder how defence mechanisms were derived! Maybe, like all other things, we should now look at it as another term for mental retardation. Thus the idea of describing an alternate reality is yet another defense mechanism to define the unknown.

New explanation for our purpose in life is also our need to help us define our purpose in life. Why? Why do we need the feel to etch something worthwhile for us for the time we are here?? Why do we need constantly to look for meanings? Why is contentment so hard to come by? We need to know nothing. We need to feel. And once we start feeling we would be led by our intuition to the truth. As Gautam Buddha says, Desire is the root of all evil.

The desire to know the truth is evil.


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