Free will

Have you ever wondered about free will, freedom and individuality? Almost anybody educated in public schools and world renowned universities can speak fluently about it and claim that they have a free will.

Sadly they don’t. We don’t have a free will. We are all slaves. Slaves of a preconceived system of ‘civilization’ on this alien planet called earth. Alien because we yet do not know about the deepest secrets of this live matter.

We do not even know that it lives! But about that later..

We cannot even ask for or feel a simple sincere and heartfelt emotion like happiness. No, it does not spring in our heart by free will, it’s hard to accept or believe this. But happiness is also alms thrown for survival by the upholders of servitude. It’s some sort of a discount offered on crap!

And who are the so called upholders? We! We have conditioned ourselves to do so, so that whoever has trained us for this, no longer needs to keep a watch. Because like in the concentration camp, we are not going to escape anytime soon!

We always feel elated when we get good grades or are promoted to an authoritative position. We feel elation, pride, ecstasy and what not! And those who are not, pretty well find targets to vent it upon.. But that’s again a digression..

Since childhood we are being trained in the so called educational institutions so that we become civilized and not ‘Mowgli’. Don’t you ever want to feel like Mowgli? Mowgli never attended school, and he never felt the need to work. But we don’t want any of that. We prefer to be bound by servitude! We prefer sending our children to schools to make fools out of them!! Because instead of feeling the Mowgliness in us, we let the monopolizers of education distance Mowgli from us and treat him as something ordinary. And nobody wonders why..

Lame and crippled, science still does not know how we originated..But how cleverly it is hidden from us! Students learn the earth is round. But not that it appears to be earlier it appeared to be flat. And research ideas are telecast to make us believe that we are an intelligent species guided by our free will.. And the interesting fact is that all this big talk about intelligence is so far from the truth that we don’t even suspect anything amiss.

To fool us further, we are initiated into the working culture and coveting offers are thrown at our faces. In the mean time we are already taught that the main purpose in our lives is to amass all the wealth on the earth that we are able to by any means…And then we sit all our life in resplendent offices cursing our bosses! Or else chasing money! And call ourselves busy!

If not pathetic its very sarcastic..and since everybody is in it together, nobody is embarrassed. And like a long forgotten fairy tale, we do not even think about it anymore..

So where is free will now? Free will then becomes a suitable term when we want to rationalize and aggrandize our empty selves. How very petty!! What a sad state of affair!!


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