At Ease

Let’s see where I can take this from here. I know I cannot take it too far. But life has to be fair. It has to give you a fair chance. Or else god would be just an idea. Do I want to speak about god yet? No I don’t think so. So let’s continue with some chatter for now.

I’m not desperate. For once you know the truth, you cannot be desperate anymore. You just wait eternally for the big bang to happen again and again. I wish I had something worthy to say to make you fall at ease with your sunken self!

But I can no longer comfort. I’m disgusted. I need to think if one can comfort when one is disgusted.Why do I want to be at ease all the time? I cannot stand one petty discomfort in my life. I’m becoming a lazy worm every moment. But this does not fall in tune with the survival instinct. To survive, I must get up everyday, feel good about myself and say positive things to the world so that they applaud me! And then?
I guess, then return home, feeling like a winner! But how long can one dupe oneself?

Life is really a lost game.

Does one ever wonder why crows were made? They are the most useless, brainless, ugly, rat eating species of birds on earth. Their very sight is displeasing to the eyes. But still, we live beside them, ignoring them, never questioning their existence!

I wonder how this is related to what I was saying. I know you must be wondering too. But this was just a diversion. At the moment some disgusting crows are cawing loudly on a bark outside my window as I write. And one of them is a baby, with the most digusting vocal chord!

So you see how discomforting is life actually when you are acutely sensitive to the things around you. Meditation and spiritual activities are always on the rise. So a few of you might quickly think that meditation heals a wounded soul.
No it does not. In fact it worsens the wounds and leaves you to fend for yourself.

It is just another form of intoxication.

Human beings have nothing positive to offer to one another.
Sharing and harmony are non existent utopian ideas. Utopia is our guilt. We feel gilty of being born as human beings. We know our sins. We are ashamed of our sins and we try to correct them through utopia.

Do you really think feeling guilty is enough?

Oh,let me not ramble any more. Let me be the lazy worm and look for some fresh prey. I’m hungry! Life is good (the famous line of LG) when I just have to eat, drink and be merry.

I know it works for you too.

So ignore your frustrations and try to find some suitable explanations for them.

Let’s all be at ease forever.


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