Today was one of those days, after a long time, spent procrastinating, confused, wondering what could be done with my precious life. But finally after midnight, I could gather enough emotions to pen down my worthless thoughts. Yeah..

Most of my time is spent solitary in the confines of my house, and I take extreme pleasure looking through the chinks of the swaying tree leaves, at the dusky sky. The chirping of the birds, the last golden rays, the silhouette of the trees, the moon rise (on full moon days), then darkness and a sigh. An evening seemed to have been perfectly wasted in wonder and amazement..

The beauty of the moment is all that I feel as time passes by. There seems nothing to be gained from the moment other than a feeling of deep nostalgia. And yet time and again, I’m drawn to them..forever they linger in my mind. because among other things, they tell me, I am beautiful…of course!

And then suddenly out of nowhere boredom sets in accompanied by restlessness, fervour and a strong desire to do something creative…to create something..to appear fruitful! But nothing seems more beautiful than losing the sense of time passing by. And there sets in procrastination…

The chase for material pleasures keeps us on our toes and how we fail to experience the beauty of the moment..what could be more precious than the orange rays of the sun and the purple skies?

Of course the most immediate need could be fulfilling our basic instincts..but that does not require sacrificing a life time chasing material pleasures..really the only fun is to chase those pleasures..because once you achieve them, they at once lose their fun and the sad part is that like internet and mobile bills they do not reveal the hidden costs!

More beautiful things await you..the stillness of the night (what I feel as I write), invoking beauty, the early morning rays, invoking hope, a cool breeze, invoking happiness..the chirping of birds, invoking love, a winter evening, invoking loneliness and nostalgia, the window lights on far away houses at dusk, invoking warmth…these and many more such moments should be felt, treasured and stored in your heart and mind.

This is all we need to be really happy. And nothing more at all.

Of course as I said in the beginning, all these are worthless thoughts..because human species is a thinking animal..which translates as a restless animal. And the sole purpose of such a restless specie is to engage itself in mindless activities without understanding its true purpose.

But in case you plan to take a break from your restlessness, do try to engage yourself in such seemingly worthless thoughts..


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