An idea

Let’s try to gauge this beautiful idea. Now I do not know how many of you will appreciate it..most I assume are bound to think of it as trash..but come on, ours is a world of possibilities and so you never know.. so let me write it down before it slips my mind and I get lost in the whirlwind of illusions.

A long time ago, a really long time ago, a subtle thing called mind lived somewhere around and above us..and not inside us..not inside our brain..our head. But it hovered like a cloud somewhere in the unknown spaces. The mind created some beautiful, ugly, intriguing things around it…the earth, the planets, the stars, the human beings and so on..Now the mind was the author, and these things its subjects, objects, everything.

Soon the subjects began to assume a life of their own..Yes, they all came to life.

The author had brought all of them to life and now they all started having a mind of their own. The mind was not within. It was always outside. But since they all came to life, they thought that it is within..And then they began to live a life of their own…Little did they know that they were just shadows, an illusion.

But nevertheless they looked so real to each other and they also developed behaviour patterns, desires and dreams for themselves. Nobody ever believed anything artificial about themselves. They were happy, sad, angry, and everything according to their character…and to that they added some more of their own.

Now one fine day, one of the subjects began to wonder about his existence. He pondered for a long time and then fell silent. Maybe this one was a philosopher or a spiritually inclined character.

He began to look for the source of his existence with fervour. Soon enough he realized that he is just a character created by the subtle mind and that he is just an illusion. The moment he realized it, he stopped living a life of his own. His desires ceased. He realized that what he thought was a life of his own, an independent will, was charted by someone, elsewhere.

But still he had to play out his PART. He knew he had to reflect, ponder, meditate, wonder as his character dictated. He put an end to all his desires and dreams that he had planned for himself believing this life to be his own. And he just played out the parts that were written for him. In other words, he became completely detached from himself.

This greatly irked the subtle mind, the author. As the character ceased to be developing further on its own, the subtle mind decided to get rid of it.

And thus the character was liberated from the bondage of being a character at all.

The mind is the quality of the mind to create. Creation ceases when thoughts cease. And then there is liberation.


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