Some time ago, I refused to believe in God..I’m still not completely clear about His existence..But circumstances have so changed for me that I have begun to somewhat believe in a Higher Power..Oh no no..this is not a sermon..A few days back..I think it was yesterday..forgive me friends, I do not remember the time, coz I write under the influence of alchohol..that is what brought me here in the first place. I allow myself this pleasure on wednesdyas….forgive the spellings too..).

Well, it so happened that my land lady died and as is normal when someone close to you sies, (oh my god! did i write sies! it’s dies..forgive me again) things like existence, life and death make you wonder for a while…so I began thinking..and to my surprse I realized that it is so essential to die..not because of the evergreen maxim that change is eternal, but because of the fact (closely related to it) that it is nature’s or God’s way of restoring balance…

We are so proud of our damned existence that we forget we are mere illusions..puppets..however hard one tries to argue against this… believe in “Cogito ergo sum”, one is bound to come to truth one day..and the truth is that we are simply illusions..deceptions..!! Oh..I’m not a saint..this hurts me badly too..but the sooner one comes to terms with this, the better..

Well, so death is a way of restoring balance…we view it as death, but in reality it’s just a few pieces of mould crumbling under the hands of a potter…try to look at the larger’s just that…earthquakes, famines, murders, accidents, deaths…mass murders..are nothing but a restoration of the balance…they are necessary…however hard it is to believe this.

When you come to think of destruction and death in this way, you automatically cease to be attached to the material things in your life. You come to realize their true worth..because they are nothing but a means to bind us to this material world, where we find ‘change’ too difficult to accept. Sadly, riches, luxuries, comforts are the only things that people aspire for these days..

It is very important to think above the five senses we have been bestowed with. We are so busy satisfying our ignorant of our reality, that it begins to seem gross after some time. And how proudly we claim to be the evolved species..! It’s a shame!

I read somewhere that the next step in the evolution of human beings is geared towards spiritual evolution. I sincerely hope that it rings true..because in face of all these hapless circumstances we have invited upon ourselves, there seems no rescue!

I hope my point of ‘restoring balance’ has not been overlooked upon, along the way…

Sincerely yours….s.varkhandkar


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