Every night I come here, try to fill up this empty space and alas unsuccessfully go back to bed. Tonight inspiration strikes again..

I do not yet know what it is that I so desperately want to exorcise; but a powerful urge to write seems to be leaving me with no choice. I’m at peace with most things in my life which rules out strong emotions. Then I do not face adversity or injustice; that leaves out a few other negative emotions. So finally I’m left with just a handful of neutral feelings like boredom, dullness and monotony..

If ever you get a chance, try to analyze boredom in great detail. Boredom is not just about being unhappy due to inaction. Most people associate boredom with unhappiness and then seek some action to drive out the gloominess. Some think that lack of money causes boredom…because quite naturally one is left with a few exciting options..But then queen Cleopatra invented such gory games to kill boredom! A bored queen!

Boredom is mostly associated with negative emotions but sometimes boredom is good. Sometimes it leads to contemplation and sometimes to art…and if nothing else, it makes you a good philosopher…

Ages ago people were ‘barbaric’ ‘uncivilized’; Adventure sports what we call today was their way of life. Today our lethargic so-called tech savvy generation surviving under the false notion of civilization engages in adventure sports for fun. Of course it is thrilling…because we are still the living shadows of our dead ancestors who engaged in thrilling sports for a living.

Boredom is a be free to get bored is a luxury…so boredom is a by-product of luxurious living. We are so busy trying to make ourselves comfortable that we forget we are actually increasing our misery. In fact our need to be productive all the time is also a by-product of boredom. Funny isn’t it? How soon we get bored with our latest phoneS! It seems our entire race is afflicted with hyperactivity disorder! For me, boredom has always been an indicator of a spirit trying to free itself or trying to seek its true purpose. Seems a bit far fetched..Being overwhelmed or engulfed by a specific situation is bound to create boredom if not helplessness.

Nevertheless, as long as boredom induces socially acceptable behaviour, it is commendable or you also get to be called intelligent, brilliant for feeling bored now and then..but if it drives you crazy, you are banned!

We always look for ways to kill boredom..but an analysis of its origin would help treat a lot of our miseries. Give it a thought and you’d be amazed..


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