Just a while ago I saw a rich bulky and a handsome man thrashing a meek auto driver, banging him against his rikshaw abusing him, his arrogance taking no account of the poor man’s pleadings.. maybe the auto driver was at fault…but in any case the punishment seemed to exceed the wrong…ofcourse this event disturbed me to a great extent..

I may be making it sound as if it was a great injustice on his part who though handsome was  cruelly distorted by anger…but what distresssed me was the arrogance and sheer indifference of one person towards another.
May be it’s human to be irked by injustice committed towards one and to lash out against it by resorting to violence..but shouldn’t our love for humanity surpass all this…from whence does this hatred erupt…

I’m not ignorant of human vices and their source, but at a time when we supposedly claim to be evolving, how can we harbour evil thoughts and false pride? Are we ready to indulge in such wickedness at the slightest wrong…. and if we are intelligent enough to uderstand the importance of our love for humanity, shouldn’t forgiveness come easily to us..? Or shouldn’t it be a sort of priority…shouldn’t it be a mark of our evolution?

If one is planning to meet his selfish ends with a lucrative job it still seems pardonable to what power breeds in such heads…

It is indeed very distressing to see how human beings treat each other…everywhere power or the need for power breeds the same – arrogance and apathy…

And the most distressing part is that we willingly and very consciously play such power games…

I’m not of the opinion that we should let injustice create havoc in simple lives…but given the opportunity we can reflect before venting our anger on poor souls…

People and relationships seem greatly deranged when one grows up..but most of us blindly follow the same path and continue this disorder…And the only way to repair it is to reflect on our dealings with others and keep in check our power at all times…


3 thoughts on “Arrogance

  1. at the risk of playing the devils advocate – let me just say, nature has a way of balancing things out – if there was one instance where you saw a poor rickshaw driver being abused, just acorss the road there could be a hapless passenger being harrased by a rickshaw driver….


    1. Yeah im aware of how nature plays with us and there is iittle anyone can do anything abt it…but that shouldnt be an excuse to indulge in wicked acts against ones fellow beings… yeah and that poor fellow must have been bad to someone…..but what if he hasnt and henceforth harbours vengeance…this cannot go on forever and only a conscious decision to forgive can really help….


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