Do we really want to be free?

The first thing a man does when set really really free is to destroy himself. Now free to what extent?  Free for a while, on weekends, on a vacation.. No! Free in the true sense; without any moral, cultural, emotional bounds to hold him back; to be left alone without a thought about where he is going to crash for the night or who’s going to deposit that paycheck in his account.. Free in the truest sense of the word..
And why? Why do we want to rid ourselves of this body, this life so desperately? Enjoyment of any sort is mere depravation of the body and an attempt to free oneself from some bondage. Deeper the enjoyment more intense the need to rid oneself of bondage…
And somewhere within this struggle the seeds of spirituality or the need to be eternal, take root and lead us to the realisation of our true self.
And that is why we avoid freedom.. It’s an attempt to avoid mortality…to live in ignorance and feel bliss..
That applause you give yourself for not drinking that another damned glass of scotch before calling it a night, that last day you spend at the beach looking at the turmoil of the waves , that last-minute you end your chat with a heavy heart and ‘tc’, are the limits that eat your soul, drag you to the bottom of your soulless existence, a pact you make with life to avoid death…so that you can live another day and dream the dreams that make you feel alive….


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