The Colours of Navratri

Navratri is as much a festival of reflection as it is of music and merriment. For those whose energies reverberate on a higher plane, it is also a festival to experience the intensity of energies that surround them for the nine days. For the pious ones, who experience God through rituals, it is a festival of re-living the myths and inviting the blessings of deities. And then for others, it is just dressing up and flaunting their traditional dresses on these nine days.

The tradition of wearing a different colour everyday, is the first thing that attracts us to this festival, if, of course, one does not have a family tradition of engaging in the elaborate worshipping procedures. And just like all festivals, the merriment and apparently mindless rituals are just a way by which an uninitiate is directed towards the path of enlightenment. That is the beauty of rituals.

However, what usually happens is that the devotee or the fanatic becomes so obsessed with the rituals, that he cannot see the bigger picture and the destination where his actions are supposed to lead him to. Navratri, is much more than the colours that we adorn or what the eye beholds. In fact, the colours correspond to the energy centers in our bodies and are supposed to make us focus on different areas of our life. These nine days have been given to us to reflect deeply about our life, cultivate spirituality, and grow an inch closer to goodness and love.

But then, it is easily said than done. Given our busy schedules, I know it well enough that it is not possible to engage in spiritual activities in the middle of office work and deadlines. So this is what one can do.

The sole aim of every colour that we adorn is to bring about a balance in our life by healing the energy center that the colour represents. This year, the first colour was Red which represents the root chakra located at the base of the spine. This area represents the issues of safety, security and stability in our life. So as a reflective exercise, one can think what do I need to feel safe, secure and stable in my life. How am I going to achieve that? What changes do I need to make in my life to feel secure? Though apparently the questions look simple, one can arrive at the most profound realisations by honestly reflecting on such questions.

In fact, a true self-assessment in this way, can actually tell us what are we missing and what we actually ought to do in our life. So similarly, the rest of the colours deal with different areas of our life.

Indigo/Blue: Can I differentiate between reality and illusion? Do I have a tendency to escape in my dream world? Do I have escapist tendencies, how can I control them?
Yellow: How do I feel about myself, my appearance, my self-esteem? Do I fear rejection? Why?
Green: How open I am to give and receive love? Can I feel love for others? Why do I fear loneliness, why do I feel jealous?
Grey/Black: is the unknown, mysterious elements in our life. What role such elements play in our life?
Orange: What do I need to experience pleasure, what are my desires? How are my sexual needs expressed/met, or how can I express them effectively?
White: Does my life have an element of purity, of spirituality, what can I do to feel enlightened, awakened to the source energy?
Pink/Purple/Violet: Do I have self-knowledge? What is Self? Who am I?
Sky Blue: How do I get my message across to someone? Why do I feel shy? Do I need to improve the way I express myself?

Enlightenment is nothing but an honest evaluation of your self and working on these issues. So, make use of this Navratri to reflect a little more about yourself..!

Wishing you all A Happy Navratri!!


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