The world is an illusion, not only from a spiritual/metaphysical view, but also from the material/physical perspective. Let me dwell upon this hypothesis further and attempt to convince you.

Recently I purchased new books which have been lying untouched on my bookshelf, ever since they have been delivered to my house, gathering a thin layer of dust, while other more pressing tasks tell me it is not yet time to inhale their fine print and wisdom.

And so it happened that my gaze fell on those books when I was in the middle of my work and it filled me with anguish. Anguish, for the fact that my intentions of bettering myself by engaging in an intellectual activity have to wait. Anguish also for the reason that reading gives me peace like no other activity in my life. Isn’t it complete bliss when you are lost in the fictional world, the world of possibilities and new meanings?

And so I pined, while also contemplating the priorities in my life. The desire of wanting to do something else instead of what I was doing put me in a state of mental paralysis.

And then like a divine revelation it struck me that what I was doing was actually the most important thing intellectually or otherwise. Well, I haven’t told you what I was doing at that moment. I was cooking, to say it quickly. I do enjoy cooking and I’m good at it too, but on that day and moment I was feeling lost. And so, the truth flashed before me in a fraction of a second. What if my soul, my inner being, the deepest and purest part of me wanted to engage in the art of cooking right at that moment and hour? How could I pine for something else when what my true self actually wanted to do, was already doing it? How was I to know what I truly wanted?

We are born just to live, there is no greater purpose to our life than to be just alive and experience every moment and emotion as it interacts with our mind and matter. The sum total of all that happens to us is life. Our life is what is happening to us every moment. And we want to experience what is happening to us. Every life is unique and accumulating different experiences. If I do not cook, I will not know what cooking feels like. I will not experience cooking.

The problem occurs when you judge. You judge that cooking is least important in the hierarchy of intellectual pursuits that are available to you. You judge based on your experiences with others. You judge based on your social and mental conditioning. You judge.

However, if you judge, you close yourself to the process of life. And that is why spirituality tells us ‘whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord’

It is not for us to judge whether what we do is right, wrong, beneficial or unsuccessful. These are man-made terms devised for building an economy based on false, immoral values.

What happens to you every moment is what you want. As I write this, I’m reminded of the film ‘City of Angels’ in which Seth, an angel chooses to be a human so that he can experience feelings and sensations. That is how it is with us..

As far as pain is concerned, it is the other extreme on the scale of happiness, and we all know happiness would make no sense without a little bit of pain sprinkled here and there, now and then..

















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