Feeling Grateful

One of the most common problems of human life is our tendency to focus on our deficiencies. I’m not wealthy enough, I’m not beautiful enough, I don’t have a great career, and my child is not strong enough! I wouldn’t say it is wrong to focus on those areas, but then we tend to define ourselves by such standards. This, according to me, is the only reason why we feel so miserable. We obsess about the deficiencies in our life.

After obsessing a great deal, some people turn towards spirituality or religion to eliminate the pain they experience. However, religion and spirituality are arduous practices and many a times, when people don’t get the desired result, they feel more miserable. And this is how some claim that they do not believe in a god at all, or spirituality is a sham.

If you observe yourselves, anything that you firmly believe is the result of deep conditioning that has been happening to you since birth. Your elders tell you pray to god and god will help you. You believe that and continue believing it as you grow older. The elders stop teaching you as you grow old or they keep saying the same thing that they did when you were a child.

What they fail to realize is that, the study of spirituality has to deepen and grow more complex as the child progresses from one grade to another.  It is a subject just like any other subject at school. But we drill the same thing year after year into the minds of our children and there is no progress for generations. Left to fend for ourselves, we fall prey to bogus gurus who prey on our ignorance.

Then, there are people who think spirituality is escapism. (Who wouldn’t, considering the potent ecstasy that you experience!) Again, this is a bias. Spirituality is nothing but a way of life and it does not mean that you have to give up on your materialistic desires. But again, spirituality is not a way to further your materialistic ambitions. “We humans are more concerned with having than with being.” (LUCY)

Spirituality is just a way to tell you that you should be concerned only with ‘being’. And one way it does that, is by making you grateful. ‘Being grateful’ like spirituality is also a way of living—an attitude that you will or you won’t cultivate. If you think you are spiritual, you will gradually realize that you feel more grateful about different aspects of your life. This is the only way to measure your spiritual progress.

You will no longer focus on the deficiencies in your life. This is the greatest benefit of spirituality. It changes your attitude towards life. No human being is completely miserable or completely contented, unless he believes so. ‘Being grateful’ doesn’t mean that you live a lie or you ignore the ‘difficult’ things in your life. It only means that you need to appreciate the ‘good’ things in your life more often. You’d be amazed how contented you’d begin to feel, in spite of all the difficulties that you face.

This attitude may gradually develop as you accept spirituality as a way of life. But, sometimes you may need to learn it and practice it more often.






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