When I was a child, I dreamed of world-travel.

As an eternal student of life, the one thing I most appreciate is knowledge in any form. So, I’ve always wanted to learn as much as I could from every corner of the world. (Well, Travel XP and social networking has now made it really easy to learn about many new things which we cannot access physically…)

But to speak about traveling and journeying, I never really understood the real meaning of this activity until recently. The conclusions that we draw from the sensory perception of the world, can be quite misleading. We sense and feel the world and keep making it an object of sensory pleasures. That is how I looked at this whole idea of journeying. Knowledge that I wanted was not ‘knowledge’ but an experience to satisfy my senses. What is tourism anyway? What do we expect to learn in a 3 Nights 4 Days package?

Now, if you are a materialistic person, you would consider the ‘idea’of journeying fascinating though we all know the real fun evades us even when we are participating in all the tomfoolery.

But considering you have a temperament which makes you thirsty for more knowledge and forces you to dwell beyond the sensory aspects of life, how would travel satisfy your desires? Let’s talk about an artist and what he craves. The artist wants a muse whom he seeks desperately all over the world, if he can afford to…For an artist, traveling the world is more of a job than a pastime. His mind is always at work absorbing the messages that the variety of sights afford him. His mind is busy interpreting the sensory perceptions and making use of them for his art. Though he is not as ignorant as the materialist, he is still dealing with a material world.

So, from a material viewpoint, journeying becomes an important activity. But then again, there are two aspects of our world. We dwell in the physical world, but we also have a spiritual world where messages pass intuitively. Traveling in such a world does not happen physically, but intuitively. This world is also the world which allows you to access the deeper recesses of your mind. This is the place where the real muse resides. This is the world from where creativity can be unleashed in its most powerful and imaginative form. This is the world which tells you the real meaning of journeying. The meanings that you derive by exploring this spiritual world will end your ‘quest’.

I believe that people, in reality, do not have a slightest idea why they journey. Journeying is a quest to find meaning in life. That meaning keeps evading us unless we look deep beyond the senses. The physical world will keep satisfying our sensory pleasures and keep us unfulfilled. The spiritual world will deeply satisfy our longings and make us tranquil. And then, we will greatly enjoy even the simple sensory pleasures like jumping in the surf. And our muses will follow us everywhere!





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