The quality of our life depends on how intensely or deeply we experience a certain emotion. This in turn determines the kind of person we turn out to be. Emotions, and not the physical experience, determine how we develop and evolve. That is, the stimulus becomes ‘the stimulus’, only if there is an emotional reaction to it. Moreover, the intensity of the reaction determines the worth of that stimulus.

To elucidate, what one may consider a great piece of art may well be a lifeless statue for another. The sculpture in itself does not have any value unless we respond to its art and beauty. Our ability to get inspired lies not outside, but within us. This also means that no matter where you live and what you do, if you do not connect deeply with your surroundings, you will be nothing more than a rolling stone, and you know the proverb…

Now why is it so important to gather all that moss? It is to learn more about ourselves.

As human beings we love being unique and have unique experiences. But, we can never have unique experiences because we do not have any unique emotions. The emotions are all the same, experienced in the same way all over the world. How can you be differently happy or sad from someone else? The intensity of the emotion and the occasion varies considerably, but then, we do not learn from the stimulus, unless there is something within us that helps us interact with that stimulus.

In other words, a book and a film can inspire a reader and an audience respectively in exactly the same way, if they have an identical response to the stimulus. The personal/spiritual/emotional growth in these two ‘subjects’ will be exactly the same if they experience the same level or intensity of inspiration and entertainment from two completely different sources. This also applies when these two ‘subjects’ belong to completely different sections of the society or parts of the world. A happy occasion makes you happy, and an unhappy one, sad.

Therefore it applies that, it does not matter where you are, what you do, and what you have or have not. It also does not matter what stimulus you choose.

This is because our growth or evolution is not dependent just on what we are exposed to. It depends on how deeply we can connect with someone or something. And the good news is that, we have all the tools at our disposal to make this deep connection. It’s just a matter of learning to make use of these tools.



Didn’t know I’d be back here so soon. My last essay summed up the essence of my life for me. I didn’t want to look beyond anything now. But then suddenly out of nowhere this strange feeling engulfed me and left me feeling lost, confused and vulnerable.

And it became all the more severe with music. Music, the fodder for my soul. Only a sad heart knows how music heals. No, I am not sad..I am ecstatic! Because I’ve realized new meanings to re-live my life..

No, I’m not talking about the petty norms of our ‘civilized’ society which takes sadistic pleasure in ‘civilizing’ our emotions…! But I’m talking about love, that wonderful feeling which escapes definition and has yet been defined as love..

Though I’m glad there is a name to it..

We seem to have lost our selves, our true feelings, our soul.. and love is such a taboo in some societies.. If only they realized the power of love.. It took me a long time to feel this feeling of ecstacy and wonder that is called love. And by love again I don’t mean a feeling that is restricted to a particular relationship and revered by all.

When love fills you up, it flows out of you and touches every soul. It teaches you to accept everybody as they are.. but most importantly it broadens your perspectives and reveals your true identity to yourself. It’s the best and the easiest way to reach your soul. Love is magical, thrilling and delightful..This is the closest I could come to express it.

Its very sad to see love being abused by people as they attach conventions and definitions to this beautiful feeling. In the process they lose the real emotion. And then they end up having no love!

The world would be a different place if people let their souls guide their bodies. Lost and overwhelmed by their material needs, love becomes just another material possession for many.

But love escapes all this. It reveals itself in a fleeting moment to us..But we are so lost, so so lost that we do not perceive those moments at all.. But some do and they try toexpress it..but they fail..because it is a different dimension altogether. The conventions of our dimension will not be able to categorize or define it or even point at it. That is why some people do not understand or feel love, because they are shut, trapped!

I do not claim to have understood the feeling completely, because I’m trapped in my body too. But I’ve glimpsed those fleeting moments and I want to keep feeling it.. because in those moments I feel completely free and closer to my soul. Desire!! Its very hard to give up on ‘I’..

I keep wondering why people stop loving one another after a certain period of time. It is beacuse we define what is or should be love. We do not feel it..

The moment you start feeling love you would never be the same. That is the only criteria to realize that you are in love. And by change I again do not mean for a transitory moment. It is an everlasting state..