I was almost heading to my bedroom, when I suddenly realized I’m happy as I just finished one of my longer projects, and I can look forward to a relaxing vacation, which I’ve decided to spend in one of the ‘hippie lands’ more about which I’ll tell you later..I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about it, once I’m back…

So, today’s post is going to be about Imitation. Why are we so hell bent on imitating others? It is nice to be inspired by brave people, borrow and learn from their qualities, but to imitate them, try to mold ourselves just like them, how stupid could that be? Why don’t we realize that hidden within us is immense untapped potential? Why don’t we look for it instead? It’d be so much more inspiring than the idols we choose to follow! I believe each one of us is born a great artist, but we do not chisel ourselves enough. We fear to tread the deeper waters. That’s exactly what’s keeping us in our comfort zone and not letting us evolve. Why don’t we make it a habit to leave our comfort zones once in a while and try doing something different? It takes a great deal of courage.

When I quit my job to write a novel, it made me very scared. But I couldn’t control the impulse. I could almost hear by heart thudding loudly against my chest, as I was taking that life changing step. Two years later, now, I’m alright! Doing very good! Nothing (the terrible things) that I imagined happened! I did survive the ordeal. In fact, I understood the process of creation in its totality. I experienced the apprehension as well as the joy of birthing a book! I feel so confident about my creative skills that I believe I can birth a book again and again. And most of all I now know I will be alright!

Had fear consumed me, I would not have learned anything at all. I would have continued to work, cursing my wretched life, carrying the unfulfilled desire of writing a book…all life..! (Doesn’t this sound more terrible?)

I see that most people around me are obsessed only with the idea of earning more wealth. The fear of losing a job is so great on their minds that they turn a cold shoulder to their dreams. I wish they’d read some D H Lawrence. But they do not have enough time for that! They are busy imitating each other…begging for approval from like-minded beings who have burnt their own dreams too. Everybody is busy killing their joy and calling it a life…

Imitation is good, it tells you how to survive, but it will not teach you how to evolve. You have to find your unique way and cultivate the courage to walk down that path.

We fear, not knowing that we are all the children of Earth, protected and cared for by the Earth herself. Just look at a bird’s nest and think how it survives a rainstorm…we are capable of so much more, than building a sturdy nest on a tiny branch! Google it, or just try to find how a North node in the ascendant affects a person, which is what made me write this small mini-rebellious post… Go, do something strange!