Our World

This has been playing on my mind for quite some time now. But it was not refined enough to help me make sense of it. A week later, today, it still does not let me rest, so I’ve decided to write it down, hoping that it makes more sense.

On my road trip last week, just at the end of the monsoon season, I was filled with happiness just to look at the wild greenery that surrounded me everywhere I went. There were pretty sights of nature wherever I was going, the weather was pleasant, and my mind was at complete peace. As I was passing through one long winding valley road, which stretched almost 10 miles or so, I was especially struck by the beauty of the mountain range in the distance, the shimmering blue waters of the lake, and the bright white clouds in the equally bright blue sky.

I first began to feel gratitude towards life for allowing me to take pleasure in such beauty. Once that contemplation was over, I started clicking pictures, so that I could share them with my friends, who I knew would not visit that place anytime soon. (I was also told on the way by a local shopkeeper that this road was less frequented by travelers, and most tourists frequented the city road. So the probability of my friends taking the same route was almost zero.)

At that moment, a unique thought entered my mind. This road, these sights, the bright clouds overseeing the entire expanse of that green land, everything at that unique moment, was meant for my eyes alone. No, I’m not saying it was something special, or I’m special. There are millions of such places all over the world; what I realized was that, it was a moment given to me to contemplate beauty and what I did in that moment was all that mattered. My mind was temporarily elevated; my whole self was filled with bliss. For a brief time, I was learning something profound that could not be expressed in material terms.

That moment was a part of my life’s journey. And it was meant for me alone. It was one of the millions of experiences we have in our life, which is meant to teach us something. The quality of our life depends on how deeply we learn from what is given to us. It does not matter where you are at the moment. How intimately you interact with your environment is all that matters.

As the 13th century Persian poet and mystic, Rumi, says, ‘wherever you stand, be the soul of that place’. Never before did I understand those words better! In that unique moment, I was not only enjoying the beauty, but I was also a part of that beauty, in fact, I was beauty.

Now let me tell you something interesting. Let’s assume that none of my friends or family ever visits this place. So, that place was exclusively created for me. It was a part of a mini-world that was created only for my pleasure, or growth. In the same way, I realized, the earth is created for humans. There may or may not be any other Planet in the Universe for our existence. But we need not bother about that. All that we need to grow is already here surrounding us…Our mini-world on this earth.

Use that wisely to become a wise soul.


Being Creative

I went out today. I traveled by a local train in the Mumbai city in the peak hours surrounded by a rush of ladies enthusiastically hoping in and out of the crowded train. Once I found myself a not so comfortable place to stand, holding one of the bench rods, my curious mind started observing the women around me. I hardly travel, because I work from home; so when I do get a chance to board a train, I’m always a little curious. Now, I’m not going to tell you about my observations; it’d be pretty boring…and people I assume are the same everywhere, except for the intensity of their emotions…

What I discovered was pretty amazing, so amazing that I decided to blog about it. If you have noticed, I usually write about spirituality and philosophy…So here I go again…what I discovered was so highly philosophical or spiritual, that it took my breath away; and in that crowded train where I was almost suffocated, perspiring profusely, as I traveled to my destination in the scorching month of May, I suddenly began to enjoy myself.

Let me tell you what I discovered!

Spirituality says that this world is an illusion, and our five senses are responsible for this delusion. In other words, it means that whatever we see is constructed by our mind, including our identity, and it does not exist at all. As humans, we know it’s very difficult to understand this because we are so caught by the fantastic sights that are presented to our sense organs. We can only call it real.

But then, let’s for a minute actually think that what we are experiencing is a delusion and a construct of our veiled mind. What would that make us? It would make us the supreme creator of this reality! How often do we think poorly of our creative skills? Because we have an ideal in our mind, to which we constantly compare it with. And we then pass a very poor judgment on our creative abilities to the point of saying we are not at all creative! How sad is that!

We are creative beings, and we create our delusions right since we are born. The way things and people make an impression on our mind, is so unique that it cannot be compared to someone else’s perception!

Right in front of me there were faces of all kinds of women, beautiful, strange, worried, sad, happy, greedy, wicked and so many more…wearing so many different shades of clothes, each different from the other!

Have you ever noticed two random people wearing a same dress…How creative our minds could be!

And as I traveled, I watched and watched and watched!