Proving Yourself 

I’ll show you what I’m capable of..! As intelligent knowledgeable beings who have learned psychology, we know this feeling surfaces when our security is threatened.
The resentment, anger or the humiliation that we feel when someone keeps us away from our rightful ownership of something is expressed perfectly using these few words. However, what it also does, is, keeps us in an unresolved and burning state of ambition that fuels our dissatisfaction and insecurity further.
To avenge ourselves for an illusory injustice, we keep struggling against an invisible enemy. I’m not drifting towards my spiritual talk to highlight the illusory nature of our reality. Allow me to discuss the material and emotional aspects of our life…The feeling of proving yourself can be very acute and real in some cases. What helps in such cases is a change of attitude. What works best in such painful moments is a change in the direction of our thoughts.
As teens, how important it was for us to have our opinions accepted, to be considered as a valuable and intelligent member of a group, or simply considered different for our unique views on life and living…! We still feel the same and carry those same immature views with us, sometimes right to our graves…In short, we feel we need to prove ourselves because we never grow up!

No..this is not what you need to know.

Let’s still consider that our feelings are genuine and significant. What will act as an elixir here is to first understand that what others think about us is not important at all. This is called adapting to a threatening environment, usually effected by defence mechanisms.

Secondly, does it actually matter if you are considered something other than what you really are? “Okay, so you think I’m stupid. That’s okay as long as I know who I am.” This can be termed as self-confidence.

The third most important thing is to understand you can achieve anything as long as you believe you can..This may require intense power of your will and positive intention…a belief in the inherent beauty and goodness of life.

So, as you now have the power to become exactly what someone says you can’t be, the whole idea of proving yourself becomes redundant! It becomes a matter of choice and free will and the knowledge of this superiority makes it so easy to take the correct path..

This is pure knowledge or enlightenment..

We always carry the seed of possibilities within ourselves. We just do not water it enough, neither do we give it enough light. That, I believe, is the reason we ‘think’ we fail. And…to mask our apparent failure, we engage in more psychologically destructive activities like proving ourselves.