What do you do when everything fails to make you happy? Why does it become imperative to find joy in everything? Why do we seek fulfillment in all that we do?
Why do we come to this stage of utter dissatisfaction with everything?

They say you are aimless, you don’t have a vision…but your biological make up allows you a limited vision.
You have been taught to dream the dreams that you dream, and so by default you have a stupid vision…which is actually an illusion, let’s make it poetic, and call it a hallucination… not your fault, really…

What do you do next? Unfortunately, you are a rational creature.

You decide to curse your life silently under your breath, and feeling intensely the mortality of your life, continue dreaming the same static dreams.
How long? How far will you go?

They also organize games and say you will be rewarded…and keep the reward unattainable… No one really knows what it is…but all of you have been trying very hard…and…

I’m sick of this all…and see the demoniac…