The Recluse: A tale of an adult with ADHD

25969084The Recluse is my first novel, released on Amazon in July, 2015. This is a story of an ADHD woman whose experiments with occult finally enable her to decode the relationship between the divine and the psyche.

The Recluse is available on Amazon here

This novel is my attempt to shed light on the fact that God, divinity or super-power is grossly misinterpreted by human beings. At the same time, the book explains the nature of supernatural beings, the myths about ghosts and demons and the fear, awe and confusion  perpetrated (out of ignorance) by those who encounter them.

On the surface, the story centers upon the struggles of an ADHD adult as she tackles her routine tasks. Eventually, the material and the metaphysical realms of her existence entangle, and she understands the main purpose of her life.

Fullscreen capture 14092015 202830 Once, when I was little, I saw a woman gyrating frantically to the music of drums. Since then, I’d tried to understand why people called her possessed. Do demons and gods really exist? This quest has finally ended and led to the birth of ‘The Recluse’.


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